how to unban whatsapp number 2022

how to unban whatsapp number 2022

Some suffer from the ban of WhatsApp in 2021 and are looking for a solution because the WhatsApp application has become one of the essential applications in their lives, which they installed from the Google Store for Android or the Apple Store for the iPhone, so if you want to know how to unban whatsapp number 2022 you are in the righ place.

the easiest way to know the steps What are the reasons for banning WhatsApp in 2021 on mobile?

There are many reasons that lead to blocking WhatsApp on mobile or other smart devices, including the following:

(1) One of the reasons for banning WhatsApp on your mobile is the bad use that violates the policies of the WhatsApp company that you mentioned on its official website.


Deleting WhatsApp more than once and reactivating it with the mobile number again and when typing the password incorrectly more than once leads to increased suspicion in your account, and therefore your account on WhatsApp is banned.

(3) WhatsApp ban also arises due to incorrect mobile number being entered more than once.

(4) Banning of WhatsApp from the company is also done because of not waiting for the Facebook verification code, and here it is called server ban, and a message appears telling you that your mobile number is not allowed to use WhatsApp.

how to unban whatsapp number 2022

(1) First- Open your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account according to your subscription and choose to compose a message.

(2) Second – You must write the following WhatsApp technical support email: in the addressee box.

Write an email to WhatsApp technical support In the addressee.

(3) Third – write the subject of the message as follows in English: My Whatsapp account has deactivated by mistake.

Write in the topic my whatsaap account had deactivated by mistake.

(4)Fourth – Write the following text in the message, in which you explain the problem that you encountered with your phone and your number, and then send it to the technical support email of WhatsApp, and they will respond to you.


whatsapp management
My Whatsapp account has deactivated by mistake.
Could you please active my mobile phone number again +20xxxxx. Here, type your mobile phone number used.
my mobile model Smsung Note 10. “Indicate the type of device you are using here”
Thanks so much

This is how to unban whatsapp number 2022

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