Fuel prices in Lebanon today

Fuel prices in Lebanon today

Fuel prices in Lebanon today

Fuel prices in Lebanon around the clock, moment by moment, on a daily basis, a free service from lebnaneh.com we offer you

Fuel prices in Lebanon today

The table of the composition of fuel prices in Lebanon was issued today by the Ministry of Energy and Water – General Directorate of Oil this morning, and the prices of fuels in Lebanon today are as follows:

[table id=13 /]

The Banque du Liban had announced that it would stop subsidizing fuel prices in Lebanon today and would secure the necessary funds related to fuel by calculating the price of the dollar on the Lebanese pound according to market prices.

The Lebanese are facing the worst financial and economic crisis in the modern history of Lebanon, and with it the ability of the Banque du Liban to meet the subsidies of medicines, basic materials and fuels has declined, which has led to a decrease in their stocks, and the unavailability of fuels in most gas stations, a large part of which were closed.

The crisis led to an increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Lebanese pound from 1,500 Lebanese pounds to about 24,000 pounds, since October 2019 until today.

Lebanon – Gasoline prices: We show you the following prices, starting on the 23rd of 08, 2021 AD. Until the 29th of the 11th of the year 2021 AD. The average price of the in this period amounted to 11,358.33 (LBP), where the lowest price was 6,410.00 (LBP) on the 23rd of the month of 08, 2021 AD. And the highest was 15,830.00 (Lebanese Pounds) on the 29th of the 11th of the year 2021 AD. By comparison, the average price of gasoline in this period globally amounted to 181,184.94 Lebanese pounds.

It is noteworthy that Lebanon has witnessed, since November 2019, a financial and economic crisis that places it among the 10 worst global crises and perhaps one of the three most severe crises since the mid-nineteenth century, in the absence of any solution horizon, according to the World Bank’s warning last June.

With this crisis, commodity prices have skyrocketed, especially after the dollar exchange rate rose to touch the threshold of 25,000 Lebanese pounds, and fuel prices rose after the lifting of subsidies, and the lifting of subsidies on chronic disease medicines led to a 5- to 10-fold increase in prices.

At the end of last month, fuel prices in Lebanon increased significantly, with gasoline prices increasing by 30%, bringing to an end the era of fuel subsidies in Lebanon.

With the increase in fuel prices in Lebanon, “gasoline and diesel,” to ease the burden of the subsidy bill, basic goods and services have become outside the scope of the justice of saving the state.

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