best insurance companies in the world 2022

best insurance companies in the world 2022

Berkshire Hathaway topped the list of global insurers by market capitalization, with a current market capitalization of $557.2 billion and total assets in excess of $707 billion.

The company was founded in 1889 as a small entity and then turned into a giant company by businessman Warren Buffett, born in 1930, and he is one of the most famous investors of the New York Stock Exchange, and he is the third richest man in the world for the year 2014, according to Forbes magazine, with a fortune of 65.6 billion US dollars, after he was the richest man in the world. 2008 with a fortune of $40 billion.

The company is now a group of companies in the field of investment, and it works in the field of insurance, along with other sectors such as rail transportation, finance, utilities, energy, manufacturing, services and retail trade through its subsidiaries.

Global insurance companies are ranked according to market capitalization

Many people face different risks daily such as the risk of having an accident, illness, falling victim to a natural disaster or fire, and above all the risk of death, and all these risks not only cause pain and suffering but also hurt financially, and insurance is one way to prepare for the worst because it provides a guarantee That the economic part of the pain will be overcome.

The best insurance companies in the world were ranked according to the market value criterion, although there are many criteria on the basis of which such a list can be prepared, such as revenues, profits, geographic region and assets, and these numbers are updated until February 2020.

According to Investopedia, UnitedHealth Insurance Group is ranked second on the list among the largest global insurance companies, and is one of the most diversified healthcare companies in the United States.

It provides many health services, serving 115 million people in the United States and 125 other countries globally, and the company’s market value reached $ 278.8 billion on February 5, 2020.

best insurance companies in the world 2022

China’s Ping ranked third in the world with a value of $211.2 billion

In third place, the Chinese company Ping An of China, one of the top 50 companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, was established in 1988 as it was the first Chinese company to adopt a shareholding structure, and it is one of the most market capitalized insurance companies in the world and one of the largest asset management companies And investing in the world, the company’s market value is $211.2 billion.

In fourth place came AIA Insurance, which was founded in 1919 in Singapore and headquartered in Hong Kong. It is the largest life insurance group in Asia, and is present in 18 different markets including China, Australia, New Zealand, India and Cambodia, specializing in life insurance and financial services.

At the end of December 2018, AIA had assets of $230 billion, and a market capitalization of $123.4 billion as of February 5, 2020.

Ranked fifth, China Life is one of the largest state-owned insurance and financial services companies in China, as well as a major player in the Chinese capital market as an institutional investor.

The company was founded in 1949 when PICC China People’s Insurance Company was established Its offshore company PICC Life was established after its separation from PICC in 1996, PICC Life was renamed China Life Insurance Company in 1999, and China Life Insurance Company was restructured For Insurance in 2003 to become a group that has seven branches, providing life insurance services, retirement plans, asset management, property and casualty insurance and others.

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company is the largest life insurance company by market capitalization in the world. The company has a market capital of $110 billion.

Allianz ranks sixth among global insurance companies

best insurance companies in the world 2022

The German Allianz Insurance and Reinsurance Company is one of the best insurance companies in the world 2022 ranked sixth in the ranking of global insurance companies in terms of market value, as Allianz was founded in 1890, and it is a leading financial services company, providing products and services from insurance to asset management.

The company meets the needs of customers in more than 70 countries, and its insurance products vary from property and liability to medical and life insurance products for corporate and individual customers. The company is headquartered in Germany and the market value of Allianz is 103 billion dollars.

In seventh place, AIG or American International Group, which has branches in 80 different countries, is headquartered in New York City and primarily operates in three sectors including property and liability insurance, life and retirement insurance, in addition to a technology subsidiary called Blackboard Insurance.

The company received a $180 billion bailout from the US government in the wake of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, according to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Committee.

Credit default swaps were sold without collateral, causing the company to go bankrupt at the time. $1 billion, and a market capitalization of $63.8 billion.

best insurance companies in the world 2022

AXA is ranked eighth and operates in 56 countries worldwide

The French company AXA ranked eighth and has more than 102 million customers in 56 countries and a staff base of more than 125,000 workers, and its main activities are property and casualty insurance, life insurance, savings and asset management.

AXA was founded in 1816 when several insurance companies merged to create AXA.

The company is headquartered in Paris but has a presence throughout Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

AXA acquired 51% of the insurance operations of Colpatria Seguros in Colombia in 2013 and during the same year became the largest international insurance company operating in China as a result of its 50% acquisition of Tian Ping – a Chinese property and casualty insurance company. $65.6 billion.

AXA is one of the best insurance companies in the world 2022

MetLife USA serves 90 million customers worldwide

In the ninth place was MetLife, which serves more than 90 million customers in more than 60 countries, with a market capitalization of $47.4 billion and assets of $687.5 billion.

It is one of the largest insurance companies in the world and provides services in employee benefits and rewards.

Its subsidiaries and affiliates include MetLife Investors, MetLife Bank – which was sold to GE Capital in 2013 – MetLife Securities, Metropolitan Property, and Casualty Insurance Company.

ING Group ranked tenth and the Dutch multinational group ING was founded in 1991.

The company offers a range of services including retail banking, commercial banking, direct investment, insurance and asset management, ING serves more than 37 million customers in more than 40 different countries.

In 2018, ING announced a partnership with AXA Insurance and they have an exclusive multi-country digital partnership, to provide insurance products to customers online through a central platform, ING’s market capitalization is approximately $44.4 billion.

In the eleventh and last place, Prudential Financial Company is located.

The history of the company goes back to 1875, when it was founded to sell funeral insurance to working-class people in New York and New Jersey. Today, the company has a budget with assets of more than 815 billion dollars and a market value of 39 billion dollars.

The following chart shows the largest global insurance companies in terms of market capitalization in 2020 and the amount in billion dollars.

best insurance companies in the world 2022